sami cronk

Logo and branding development for JELLY (

“Trying to waste less as we scroll” animation collab with Practice Inc. for WasteNot.World

Packaging and branding illustrations for Hello Nami, Belgium-based baby food company. 

Kate Casanova “Gut Feeling” exhibition catalog, 2022

Mini postcards for Pansy’s “Tiny Festival” 2021, Amsterdam

2-Color Risograph Poster, 11 x 17” in, 2021

“How to reduce in small ways, today” for WasteNot.World 

“Restart” New year’s card illustration, 2020

Richmond Reproductive Freedom Project updated logo for t-shirt campaign, 2021


“Table setting” for Still Here Still Life, 2020

“Totally Secret” journal cover design + stickers, 2021

“Recycle Responsibly” Infographic for WasteNot.World